20 Things to Do When You Are Bored in Class

We have all been bored out of our fucking skulls in school from time to time. Here is a list of interesting and fun things to do.

1. Make a paper football and get someone to play with you. When they put their hands up into a little goal, flick the football at the teacher and immediatly go back to doing your work.

2. Out of nowhere, or when it is quiet, say loud enough for the class to hear “When I say heeee-aay, you say hoooo, Heeee-aay” and see how many people say “ho”

3. At another quiet time, shout out “Marco” and then in a squeeky voice shout out “Polo seinior”

4. Practice your ty-chi. Wave your arms all around like your really know what you are doing.

5. Meditate. Humm as loud as you can and when your teacher says something about it, act all offended. “Do you have a problem with my religion, sir!?”

6. If one of your friends is drinking something, in the middle of a drink start chanting “chug! chug! chug!”

7. When the class is very quiet, say in a casual voice “Knock knock”

8. When the class is quiet, sigh and say “This class is really boring”

9. Shoot rubber bands at someone, when they accuse you look confused and point to the person to the left of you. After that, point to the person on the right of you ect…

10. If you are black start singing country music, if you are white start rapping.

11. Make as many paperballs as you can and set them on your desk in a giant pile. If anyone looks at you, look tough and nod at them.

12. If you are a male, start singing Brittany Spears’s “Hit me baby one more time” complete with raise the roof action.

13. Take everything out of your backpack and stack it on your desk. Take out a sheet of paper and take invintory of your stuff.

14. Take an empty gum wrapper and put it in your palm, then signal someone by going “pssssst. Hey!” Make them lean all close to you and get them thinking you have something interesting to say. Look around and then give them the gumwrapper.

15. See how many tiny paper balls you can set on the person in front of you without them knowing it.

16. Tie someones shoe’s together and kick them.

17. Use a kick me sign. As a challenge, see how many people you can put a kick me sign on without them knowing it.

18. Start singing “Can you feel the love tonight” from the Lion King.

19. Fall asleep. When you wake up say shit like “I had a dream and you were in it. And you! You too!…

20. Blurt out chinese waiter talk. “SHICKEN FRIE RIE, SEVEN DOLLA”